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Greetings to all Nintendo aficionados and amiibo collectors! We’re ecstatic to kick off an unparalleled sale that’s set to enchant your collection like never before. Starting today, dive into a world of savings with an exclusive 25% off on our extensive range of Amiibo Coins, Amiibo Cards, and other mesmerizing collectibles. This is your golden opportunity to enrich your collection with cherished characters and iconic games.

Sale Highlights:

  • Amiibo Coins and Cards: Whether you’re on the hunt for the elusive Animal Crossing villagers to enhance your island life or seeking the bravery of Link from The Legend of Zelda for your next adventure, our sale has it all. Don’t forget to check out our vast selection featuring Mario, Fire Emblem heroes, and the valiant fighters from Smash Bros. Now’s your chance to summon your favorite characters into your gaming world at unbeatable prices.
  • Nintendo Collectibles: Beyond amiibo, explore a treasure trove of Nintendo-themed collectibles that bring your beloved games into the real world. From detailed figures to enchanting merchandise, find the perfect addition to your collection or the ideal gift for a fellow gamer.

Please Note: The only jewel not part of this magical offer is the AMIIGEN Amiibo Hero. All other treasures across our site await you at 25% off their regular price.

Why Shop Now?

  • Expand Your Adventure: With characters from across the Nintendo universe, including the mystical realms of Hyrule, the competitive arenas of Smash Bros, and the cozy villages of Animal Crossing, there’s no better time to bring home a piece of these beloved worlds.
  • Perfect for Collectors and Gamers: Whether you’re looking to complete your collection or enhance your gameplay with unique in-game items and characters, our sale is the perfect opportunity to do so at a fraction of the price.
  • Limited Time Offer: These enchanting deals are available for a limited time only. Don’t miss your chance to save big and celebrate your favorite games and characters.

Embark on a shopping adventure like no other and let the world of Nintendo amiibo transform your gaming and collecting experience. Remember, every amiibo coin and card brings a touch of magic to your games, unlocking new experiences and joys.

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*Offer valid while supplies last. Discount automatically applied at checkout. Exclusions apply.

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