Waddle Dee

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Game Series: Kirby

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Waddle Dee Amiibo Coin Kirby

Enhance your Nintendo Gaming Experience with the COINMII.com Waddle Dee Amiibo Coin

COINMII.com Amiibo Coins are your solution to extending your gameplay without breaking the bank!

How do Amiibo Coins Work?

  • 🎮 Just like the real deal: COINMII.com Amiibo Coins work just as well as the regular Amiibo Figures or Cards, but they are way more budget-friendly!
  • 📡 Techie stuff: These coins use the same technology as Amiibo, but they are about the size of a quarter (25mm or 1 inch).
  • 🏠 Collector`s dream: Each coin is snugly packed in a cute, collector-style plastic case, featuring character art on both sides!
  • 🎨 Artistic touch: While the artwork may vary, we have reference images of the original product. Rest assured, they work just like genuine Amiibo.

Use Waddle Dee in game just like the retail Amiibo Figure! Check out the entire lineup of characters in our Kirby catalog, or checkout the complete catalog to browse more from this series along with all of the others.

So, level up your gaming experience with COINMII.com Amiibo Coins and Waddle Dee.

COINMII.com Amiibo Usage Guide

Game NameAmiibo Usage
BYE-BYE BOXBOY!Unlock a costume resembling this character
Kirby Battle RoyaleReceive amiibo-exclusive cosmetic gear based on the character
Kirby: Planet RobobotGive Kirby a Copy ability based on the character's abilities and a health item
Kirby's Blowout BlastBuild a statue in the plaza that plays music
Kirby's Extra Epic YarnEquip a power-up hat matching the character
Style Savvy: Styling StarUnlock a Kirby pattern
Team Kirby Clash DeluxeReceive 20 Fragments
Yoshi's Woolly WorldUnlock a character-based Yoshi yarn pattern
Kirby and the Forgotten LandReceive star coins and a boost item
Kirby Star AlliesReceive two Picture Pieces a Maxim Tomato and two Point Stars
Kirby's Return to Dream Land DeluxeReceive more useful items
Super Kirby ClashReceive 20 Fragments
Super Smash Bros. UltimateReceive a Spirit of the character

*Please note this feature is currently in a testing phase 🙂

3 reviews for Waddle Dee

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    Fast Shipping

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    Outstanding customer service, impressive amiibo coins!

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