28 Coin “Premium” Set – Legend of Zelda: Complete Amiibo Coin Collection

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28 Coin “Premium” Set – Legend of Zelda: Complete Amiibo Coin Collection – Amiibo Coin Collections, Legend of Zelda

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Legend of Zelda Amiibo Coin Collection “Premium” Introducing the ultimate collection for any Legend of Zelda fan:

The Legend of Zelda Complete Collection of Amiibo Coins – Now includes the newly released Princess Zelda and Ganondorf in our “Premium” Collection

This exclusive bundle features a complete set of Amiibo coins, each featuring a beloved character from the iconic Legend of Zelda series. These collectible coins are a stunning addition to any collection and are perfect for display or use in gameplay.

With this bundle, you’ll have everything you need to immerse yourself in the world of Hyrule like never before. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of the series or a newcomer looking to experience the magic for the first time, the Complete Amiibo Coin Collection + the newly released Princess Zelda and Gerudo King Ganondorf is the perfect addition to your gaming collection.

Characters Included:

  1. Princess Zelda (Tears of the Kingdom)
  2. Ganondorf “Gerudo King” (Tears of the Kingdom)
  3. Link Tears of the Kingdom
  4. Link (Twilight Princess)
  5. Link (Super Smash Bros)
  6. Link (Skyward Sword)
  7. Link (Ocarina of Time)
  8. Link (Majora’s Mask Fierce Deity)
  9. Link (Link’s Awakening)
  10. Rider Link (Breath of the Wild)
  11. Archer Link (Breath of the Wild)
  12. Midna & Wolf Link (MAXED 20 Hearts)
  13. 8-Bit Link
  14. Young Link
  15. Toon Link (Super Smash Bros)
  16. Toon Link (The Wind Waker)
  17. Toon Zelda (The Wind Waker)
  18. Zelda (Super Smash Bros)
  19. Zelda (Breath of the Wild)
  20. Zelda & Loftwing
  21. Shiek
  22. Mipha
  23. Revali
  24. Urbosa
  25. Daruk
  26. Ganondorf
  27. Guardian
  28. Bokoblin

Amiibo Coin Details:

  • Same functionality as the retail figures and cards.
  • Housed in Acrylic Shells
  • Doublesided Artwork
    • Front: Character Artwork
    • Back: Character Name

Make sure you check out our Legend of Zelda Tears of The Kingdom Amiibo Unlock Guide!

Enhance your Nintendo Gaming Experience with the 28 Coin “Premium” Set – Legend of Zelda: Complete Amiibo Coin Collection Amiibo Coin Collection Amiibo Coin Collections are bundled to help you save on your favorite characters!

How do Amiibo Coins Work?

  • 🎮 Just like the real deal: Amiibo Coins work just as well as the regular Amiibo Figures or Cards, but they are way more budget-friendly!
  • 📡 Techie stuff: These coins use the same technology as Amiibo, but they are about the size of a quarter (25mm or 1 inch).
  • 🏠 Collector`s dream: Each coin is snugly packed in a cute, collector-style plastic case, featuring character art on both sides!
  • 🎨 Artistic touch: While the artwork may vary, we have reference images of the original product. Rest assured, they work just like genuine Amiibo.

Use 28 Coin “Premium” Set – Legend of Zelda: Complete Amiibo Coin Collection in game just like the retail Amiibo Figures! Check out the entire lineup in our Amiibo Coin Collections, Legend of Zelda catalog, or checkout the complete catalog to browse more from this series along with all of the others.

So, level up your gaming experience with Amiibo Coins and 28 Coin “Premium” Set – Legend of Zelda: Complete Amiibo Coin Collection.


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13 reviews for 28 Coin “Premium” Set – Legend of Zelda: Complete Amiibo Coin Collection

  1. J Johnson

    Great value! Work just like the figures. Glad to avoid scalpers trying to rip us off!

  2. M Fowler

    Haste Delivery and Product as Represented

  3. Lauren M.

    Impressive coins, and the shipping was quick!

  4. StarKnight

    Quick delivery, and the design is incredible!

  5. Wu Tao

    Highly satisfied with my amiibo coin purchase.

  6. Rachel H.

    Fast Shipping

  7. EternalTitan

    The coins are beautifully designed, and customer service was fantastic!

  8. Brandon S.

    Great customer service, and the coins are fantastic!

  9. Takashi

    Thrilled to find rare characters in the amiibo coin sets.

  10. Eric P.

    Incredible design, fantastic service!

  11. Han Soo-min

    Customer service was top-notch, and the design is flawless!

  12. Takashi

    They are so cute!

  13. AmiiboKor

    Came with all the Amiibos coins shown and I am very satisfied with my purchase and Amiibo coins.

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