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Amiibo Emulators

When know what you might be thinking….

I’m Interested, but How do Amiibo Coins, Cards, & Emulators Work?

🎮 Just like the real deal:  Whether you choose the Coins, the Cards, or an Amiibo Emulator, it will work just as well as the regular Amiibo Figures or Cards, but they are way more budget-friendly!

📡 Techie stuff: They all use the same NFC technology as Amiibo, but they will come in a different form factor. The Coins are 1inch PVC discs, the cards are “playing card” size PVC cards, and the emulators are battery powered devices.

🏠 Collector`s dream: Each coin will come with artwork printed on both sides and will be packed in a collector-style plastic case (unless you choose the value option that does not include the acrylic shell). The cards will have artwork printed on both sides, but do not have a case. The Amiibo Hero emulator will have a plastic case and wristlet. The Amiibolink will only have the wristlet.

🎨 Artistic touch: While the artwork may vary, we have reference images of the original product. Rest assured, they work just like genuine Amiibo.

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